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Baby Wren and the Great Gift
Sally Lloyd-Jones
Hardcover | Apr 2016
2 in store $21.00
A Book of Babies
Il Sung Na
Boardbook | Feb 2015
3 in store (bargain) $4.99
Bunny Hopwell's First Spring
Jean Fritz
Hardcover | Feb 2015
2 in store (bargain) $4.99

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Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek
Deborah Hopkinson
Hardcover | Sep 2008
1 in store (bargain) $11.99
After You Believe
N T Wright
Paperback | Mar 2012
3 in store (bargain) $11.99
All the World
Liz Garton Scanlon
Hardcover | Sep 2009
1 in store (bargain) $13.99

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Without Warning
Joel C Rosenberg
Paperback | Mar 2017
4 in store $22.99
(more on order)
Deep Undercover
Jack Barsky
Hardcover | Mar 2017
1 in store $34.99
If I'm Found
Terri Blackstock
Paperback | Mar 2017
6 in store $19.99
The Lucky Few
Heather Avis
Paperback | Mar 2017
3 in store $21.00

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Author Spotlight: Joel C. Rosenberg

Joel C. Rosenberg has captured attention with his ability to pen masterful political thrillers that read as though they’ve been ripped from tomorrow’s headlines. An evangelical Christian from an Orthodox Jewish Heritage, Joel has an interesting and varied background as producer of two documentaries, author of bestselling non-fiction and fiction titles and working as communications advisor for a number of U.S. and Israeli leaders.

Drawing on his heritage, depth of studies and political experience in the Middle East, Joel Rosenberg has crafted eight gripping thrillers including – ‘The Last Jihad’, ‘The Last Days’, ‘The Ezekiel Option’, ‘The Copper Scroll’, ‘Dead Heat’, ‘The Twelfth Imam’, ‘The Tehran Initiative’ and ‘The Damascus Countdown’. His latest novel 'Without Warning' just released this March. 


Favorite Verse – Joel 2:11, “The Lord thunders at the head of His army, unlimited are His forces and mighty are those who obey His command.”