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Just Breathe
Ellie Claire
Paperback | Jul 2017
2 in store $23.99
Victor - Dvd
Ocean Ave Entertainment
DVD | Jun 2017
8 in store $24.99
Love Story
Karen Kingsbury
Hardcover | Jun 2017
1 in store $32.00
The Candidate
Lis Wiehl
Paperback | Jun 2017
1 in store $21.00
Lara Casey
Paperback | Jun 2017
1 in store $21.00
A Fierce Love
Shauna Shanks
Paperback | Jun 2017
1 in store $21.00
Every Job a Parable
John Van Sloten
Paperback | Jun 2017
1 in store $20.99
The Turquoise Table
Kristin Schell
Hardcover | Jun 2017
1 in store $21.00
Dvd-When Calls the Heart
Films Edify
DVD | Jun 2017
1 in store $27.99
A Family Shaped by Grace
Gary Morland
Paperback | Jun 2017
2 in store $18.49

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Author Spotlight: Wooton Z. Bassett

Wooton Basset is a mailman, much loved resident of Odyssey, and an award-winning comic book author. He is well known as the creator of "Powerboy", but chose to keep his career as an author a secret until 2008. At that point, Harlow Doyle came to believe that he was the author of "Powerboy" and Wooton was forced to reveal his hidden life. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, "Powerboy" is no longer in print.
His most recent work is "Captain Absolutely", which is about a librarian turned superhero who faces several villains that defy God and the truth to get what they want. Wooton is currently starting two new comic strips called "Drake the Cosmic Copper" and "Sleuth Family Robinson".

Random Fact: February is Wooton's 7th favourite month.

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