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Rhonda is co-owner of Shepherd's Fold alongside Mary. Her passion is the customers that come through our doors. She brings a lot of life to the store and her laughter can often be heard from across the room. Rhonda enjoys books from our biography section and describes her music taste as "eclectic", looking for quality albums with good word mastery. You don't want to argue with Rhonda or she might pull out her Sweet Daddy Siki wrestling moves on you ;-)



Mary is co-owner alongside Rhonda. Although she isn't around the store as often, she shares a rich history of over 25 years with Shepherd's Fold. Customers still come in regularly asking for her, looking for good conversation; a testament to how much she loves visiting with them. Although she'll listen to and read almost anything, she particularly enjoys hymns CD's, books about the middle east, and anything by James Herriot. 



Calvin is the store manager and has been here for over 15 years.  He is our go-to guy to find any obscure book and can likely find the song you're looking for if you hum just a line or two. His passions within the store are divided between folk songs and remixes, biographies and graphic novels, and any children's book that makes you laugh (or cry). 



Jen is an essential part of the day-to-day workings of Shepherd's Fold.  She can be seen busily working at the front of the store; helping customers, filling the shelves, or phoning about special orders. We're certain she's read more books from our biography section than any other staff member.  Plus she listens to all the hip music that her kids bring home. 



Brit is the one who keeps Shepherd's Fold looking beautiful. If you've ever stopped to look at the front window, the beautiful typography, or the many instore displays, it was likely Brit's work. She is also the mastermind behind the sandwiches and baking served in our coffee shop. Brit loves soundtrack-style instrumental albums, and admires artists who can tell stories with music as well as words. Her passion for reading focuses on beautiful picture books, and quality fiction that can engage an entire family. The best stories are not limited to one age category!



Ryder works in all areas of the store, but her passions are keeping the website up to date, dreaming of (obsessing about) new ideas for the store and coffee shop, and receiving the fun bargain books that Calvin orders. She generally reads fiction, but has recently been finding herself drawn to more non-fiction, including devotions, biographies, and Christian self-help books. Because she and her sister Brit rarely work together, people often think they are one and the same person.

Saren (pronounced: ss-air-en) is the newest addition to the Shepherd's Fold team.  She possesses a joie de vivre that is delightfully contagious.  Saren enjoys a wide variety of reading material from the wildest of fiction to children's books, to classics, to self-help, to life stories, and maybe just a sliver of romance. She loves hazlenut lattes, writing, singing, horses, travel and above all, her Lord Jesus Christ.  We are excited to see what role this lovely young lady grows into around the  store.  


Sasha loves books and loves people. We LOVE having her around at Shepherd's Fold. She has a deep appreciation for the classics, like Jane Eyre (her all time favourite book), Lord of the Rings, and Narnia, but isn't afraid to sample something new. Armed with her day planner and scheduler, Sasha is one of those people who can make things happen. Her passion for Shepherd's Fold is a constant catalyst for the best kinds of adventures.


Joy is one of our volunteers, helping out during special events and Saturdays. It is undetermined whether she is more passionate about her history books or children's collection. Must one really choose?? Life at Shepherd's Fold is always a little brighter with Joy around. She is quick to offer her welcoming smile, cheerful till-side service, and of course... a gratuitous birthday song.

Belinda is one of our volunteers, lending a hand during special events and weekends. She is an avid reader with a meticulously curated set of bookshelves. Even though her current literary tastes have her chewing through stacks of meaty biographies, her Holy Grail of all-time still remains Jane Eyre. Behind the Shepherd's Fold till Belinda is a rock, unshaken by even the craziest of Vegas Night crowds. Nothing fazes this woman!